Conflict Free Diamonds

Conflict diamonds are also know as blood diamonds. We take great care in selecting our suppliers to ensure all diamonds are ethically sourced and abide by the kimberly process.

The Kimberly process was created in the year 2000, and is the front end fight by the diamond industry and the diamond producing countries to stop the trade of conflict diamonds. The aim of this process is to stop the travel of rough diamonds around the world without the presence of a government issued kimberly certificate.

Since the introduction of this process, the world diamond trade has seen a decrease from 4% to 0.2% of the worlds consumption of diamonds being conflict diamonds. This is has been a huge success and is testament to the hard work of the diamond industry

We are official stockists of the Original Tresor Paris Jewellery, order online or come and visit us in store to view our collection

Returns Policy

We offer a 7 day money back guarantee on all faulted goods.Goods can be exchanged or a credit note issued.

All Bespoke manufactured items are not valid for a refund.

Delivery Times

Custom Manufactured

Due to most of our jewellery being custom manufactured to your exact requirement, delivery times vary. For exact delivery times, please view the delivery tab on the product details page.



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