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​Repair Process

Most repairs are done on the premises and we also offer a 1 hour service, if available, for visitors who need their jewellery repaired urgently. You can post it to us via Royal Mail Special Delivery Service or drop your repair off, have a browse around the Galleries Shopping Centre or go for a coffee and a bite to eat then return later to collect.

On receipt of each repair the items are measured, weighed and you will be issued with a receipt. This receipt allows us to track the progress of the repair from start to finish and also allows us to view when and how the repair was received.

Your item of jewellery will then be meticulously checked by our highly skilled Jeweller and any issues or recommendations we think are relevant will be discussed directly with yourself before any work is undertaken. We will only ever do the work you ask us to do and if for any reason we believe that the repair should not be done or may cause further damage to an item we will of course advise you of this.

The timescale for the repair will depend on the type of repair needed, this will also be discussed once your item has been thoroughly checked. We usually aim to complete simple repairs either within the hour or between 3 to 5 days. For postal items we aim to return them within 10-14 working days. 

The cost for repairs can vary greatly depending what work needs to be undertaken, however we will always aim to give an estimation of the cost when the repair is received. If this is not possible we will contact you after further examination either by telephone or email to give you an estimate.

You are under no obligation to accept this quote and we are more than happy to return your item if you decide against the repair.

Chain Repairs


We can repair broken chain links back together which includes cleaning & polishing to looking new again.

Rhodium Plating

This is a very popular service we offer
We are able to bring back to life your white gold items, restoring them back to new looking pieces of jewellery.

When we take in a piece of white gold that needs to be re-plated we carefully asses its condition and if there are any other recommendations in regards to the repair we will let you know first. We will only ever do the work you ask us to do.

The process involves stripping off any old Rhodium and polishing the metal making sure there are no impurities. A thin layer of rhodium is then plated onto the surface and the finished result will be a piece of jewellery which looks as good as the day it was made.

Ring Re-Sizing

We are able to size up or size down which ever you require.
After examining your piece of jewellery carefully we will recommend the best procedure to size your ring. If an increase of a number of sizes is required we may recommend putting a piece in. We can replace ½ Shank or  full Shank dependant on what is needed.

We have all the modern facilities available to offer you a quality ring sizing whether it be in Silver, 9 Carat Yellow, 9 Carat White/Red, 18 Carat Yellow, 18 Carat White/Red, 22 Carat Yellow gold or Platinum.

Stone Replacements

We are able to supply virtually any diamond or coloured gemstone in any shape, shade or cut. We work with a team of highly skilled setters who can set your diamond or gemstone in any style. A few examples are :

*Channel Set
*Pave Set
*Grain Set
*Tension or part tension set
*Illusion Set
*Rub over Set
*Claw Set

Our Gemmologist can match up stones for colour, clarity, cut and size. We can supply a verbal or written estimate for an insurance claim should you require.

Missing Claws/Re-Tipping

When a stone is claw set the claw is more exposed to everyday wear and tear and it is set over the stone. Long term wear can result in the claw wearing and sometimes breaking off which will make the possibility of losing a stone more likely. For peace of mind any diamond ring should be checked regularly for its condition by a quality jeweller. If claws have become excessively worn or have broken off this is when they may need replacing or re-tipping.

Over the years we have had the pleasure to repair and restore some wonderful pieces of jewellery from simple repairs to the re-tipping process requires a high level of skill and accuracy to ensure good results. If the claw is worn it can be built up to its original level. It is recommended that this be done to any other claws on the ring as the repair will be very noticeable. A broken claw will need to be replaced by filing down and replacing with a complete new claw.

Valuations for Diamond Jewellery Only.

We are able to offer an expert jewellery valuation service. Many insurance companies insist on up to date valuations for your jewellery with any item of jewellery recommended be valued if over 3 years since purchase or last valuation.

With difficult economic times jewellery is one of the items that has significantly increased in its replacement value. With precious metal prices on the increase it is also our recommendation that your jewellery items be valued regularly.

Our rates for jewellery valuations are £ 50.00 for the first diamond then £10.00 per extra stone as all diamonds are individually graded.

We provide valuations itemising and describing in detail each item i.e. weights, sizes and qualities of materials.

Jewellery Repairs by Post or Collection

If you would like to send an item for repair to us please contact us first either by telephone or email so we know when to expect it. We then can confirm receipt of your item as soon as it is received.

Most items valued up to £ 2,500.00 can be sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery. For items of higher value we can arrange a collection service via a courier, again please contact us to arrange this. If you need help with the sending of your items please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.


Watch Repairs

We only fit replacement batteries, straps and pins to watches and adjust links on straps as we are not watchmakers, so we do not repair or service mechanical or quartz movement driven watches.


We don’t replace glass faces or reseal watches either as we don’t stock replacement glasses or washers as they would need pressure testing afterwards.


We are not responsible in any way for the workings of any watch including the hands, dial, LED display and/or moving parts as we only remove the backs in order to replace the batteries.


We will not set the time afterwards for you unless you request us to do so as some require the manufacturers manual.

If after we replace the battery and the watch still doesn’t work you won’t be charged a fee for work carried out but will be directed to see a watchmaker to service or repair your watch before a new battery is required.


If your watch stops within 1 week after we replace it, we will check your battery free of charge if you provide us with your receipt and if the battery tests ok you will be given a full refund.

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